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From our office in the heart of Port Ginesta, European Yacht Charters can effectively market your yacht for charter.  To join our charter fleet with a new or used yacht, just send us an email or call.  We are ready to help and answer your questions about putting your boat or yacht into our charter fleet.

Today, sailing has become a recreational activity for many people.

The joy of being on the water and experiencing the fresh breeze of the sea wind fill the holidays with unforgettable experiences of nature. .  Perhaps now is your time to begin what can be a fun and fascinating hobby. You might want to get started as a solo sailor or with family and friends. So first of all, planning a charter holiday should be part of the fun and the beginning of your adventure. Many people around the world have taken up Yacht chartering as a way of life. These individuals consider yacht charter as one of the best ways to relax and go on holiday rides off the sea.
If your budget stretches to it, let the charter company provision your yacht. Many will ask you for a likes list and provide a decent amount of food on board ready for you.

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