IMAGE Tips for Buying Your First Yacht
Buying your first yacht isn’t some decision you’ll be taking lightly - there are many things you’ll need to think about on top of the financial impact. 
You first need a way of narrowing down your search to make it a little easier. Perhaps think about what size you feel comfortable handling, and then go from there. Before you start looking around at what is available,...
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IMAGE Ocean Wildlife you might see in British Waters.
Marine Wildlife UK
Sailing in UK oceans can be an absolute delight, and when you are around particularly wildlife surrounded areas such as North Wales, Scotland or England's many quiet seaside locations, it will please you to know that there is an abundance of wildlife.
Eyes on the waters!
If you’re out for a cruise in your Jeanneau yacht, you may just be surprised by th...
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IMAGE Why You Should Own A Jeanneau Boat
Owning a Jeanneau boat can be one of the most wonderful experiences in life, not only for its plain and simple joy of cruising through the water, but also for its community that exists between boat owners. Boaters often love nature, making friends and the tranquillity of being out at sea. Owning a boat is not for everyone, it takes time, money and an ardent soul, but is not short of its rewards, w...
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