IMAGE Important Things to Know Before Riding a Jet Ski

If you’ve ever driven down the coast or even visited the sea, you’ll know that jet skis are everywhere these days! If you want to ride one but don’t have much experience, you’ll need to do some preparation and learn some safety information before you take it out on the water. Here are eight important things you need to know before riding a jet ski.

How Do You Stop?

The key to stopping is all in the throttle. If you are going too fast and need to slow down, then you will be able to reach out with your left hand and push the throttle lever back. If you are going too slow and need to speed up, then you will be able to reach out with your right hand and push the throttle lever forward. 

Steering Gears Explained

This is where you can learn how to steer. Steering gears are located on the handlebars, and they allow you to steer the jet ski in any direction without having to use your feet. It's important that you only turn the steering gear in one direction - turning it in both directions will make the jet ski difficult to control. During Rya jet ski course in abersoch you will be taught the steering techniques.

Understanding the Different Features

You have to be clued up on the different features of your jet ski, as well as safety equipment and general riding techniques. Understanding these things will help you avoid dangerous situations.

For example, if your jet ski has an onboard storage compartment, you’ll need to make sure that it’s waterproof. If it isn’t, any water which gets inside could seep into electrical components, causing potentially serious damage. 

What is Dual Prop?

Jet ski courses pwllheli. If you're new to the water and want some help learning how to handle a jet ski, then this is for you! This course will equip you with all of the knowledge you need for basic handling and safety techniques.

Safety Equipment – Look After Yourself First!

Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment. This should include a helmet, sun glasses and sunscreen. Remember that you’re not invincible and even though your jet ski is fun and exciting it can still be dangerous, so take care of yourself first.

Choosing the right lessons

It's important to know the basics about your jet ski before you hit the water, and there are many different courses that can help. One of the top favourite courses is called Rya - it teaches people how to be safe on the water and gives them great confidence on the waves.  They teach you everything from what safety gear you need and general riding techniques, such as avoiding being thrown from your jet ski.  It's also important that you take lessons with a qualified instructor before heading out on your own.